About Us

We take an innovative approach to our investments around the world with the aim of contributing to economic transformation and achieving sustainable value for shareholders, our partners and future generations We seek to find value across the investment chain, along with our push for a wheel Economic and community development in societies around the world We commit ourselves to the transformation of development and industry and look forward to our responsibility to help the world reach a zero-neutral economy, where we make sustained efforts to help find solutions to sustainability challenges We continue to strive to strengthen our position at the forefront, be our customer's preferred supplier, and continue to deliver far-reaching value to our shareholders, and find value across the various stages of investment, along with driving economic and community development in communities around the world

Over the past four decades, the company's operators have been able to advance and transform it from a small company active in the local market, into a regional company with high reputation and prestige, enabling it to establish many strategic partnerships with major companies in various fields. Today, the company manages with professionalism and professionalism a large and diversified investment portfolio, including industrial and petroleum services, agriculture and animal development, real estate development and infrastructure projects.

Our Vision

Our vision in Almansoub Investments Group Is to innovate, develop and implement the concepts of mega-enterprises and drive development in the public spheres, and commit to a leading role towards transformation in public industries. We look forward to our responsibility to help the world reach a stable economy. We will continue to elevate our vision, to reach limitless places of imagination and innovation, and here our firm values come to be a fundamental pillar that we base every day.

Our Mission

Starting from the advanced leadership investment nature, we continued to diversify our business into different business sectors and developed a global footprint to provide maximum value to stakeholders. Our mission is to strengthen our business through effective management of our resources, assets and integrated services; establishing long-term relationships with clients; Increasing shareholders' value, we are always committed to the spirit of responsibility in our work and we respect employees, society and the environment.

Our Goals

Fostering and consolidating the positive impact of Almansoub in the societies in which it operates and contributing to its economy in a way that ensures a better future for future generations. Enabling human resources to invest their potential by providing opportunities through our investments, and implementing investments and strategies in businesses and industries provide promising and sustainable growth and expansion opportunities.